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Custom Glass Balustrade

Glass balustrades for fencing is now a mainstay of the Opus range. We are lucky enough to live in a beautiful country with unsurpassed views, so why not capture and enhance your aspect by installing the Opus Semi-Frameless Glass Balustrade system?

Our balustrade posts are manufactured from high strength extruded aluminium and can be finished in a powder coat colour of your choice or in one of the many anodized finishes available. Pool fencing, decks, stairs, internal landings, windbreaks, privacy screens - the Opus balustrade post (baluster) is ideal as a safety barrier. The Opus balustrade system provides superior strength compared to most other systems available. These balustrade posts are engineered to suit both residential and commercial situations. Spans of up to 1650mm are allowable in most situations. The glass is able to extend past the balustrade post by an additional 500mm, eliminating the need for corner posts.

The Opus balustrade design has been verified by an independent engineering consultant and a producer statement is available. The balustrade system is available in three standard options: 

  • ​​​​Top Fix Balustrade Post (OB100)- suitable all glass fencing - top fixing to concrete or timber. 
  • Face Fix Balustrade Post (OB101) - suitable all glass fencing - face fixing particularly suited to installation on concrete.
  • Face Fix Balustrade Post, concealed fix (OB101-C) - suitable all glass fencing, providing a streamline look par0ticularly suited to installation on timber with no visible fixings.

For technical details please go to product section Glass Fence Balustrades. Balustrade photos are also loaded in our gallery section.

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Sliding Shower Hardware

Opus now stocks very nice and affordable sliding shower door hardware. The Opus sliding shower system is extremely functional and features all stainless steel componentry for a maintenance free operation. The Opus sliding shower system also includes our own unique design floor guide that is connected directly to the side panel by way of a nylon tipped grub screw eliminating the need to glue fittings to panels or floor.

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Trade Hinges

Opus Glass Shower System

Shower door hinges using imported plates have now been added to the Opus range .... The Trade Series. All hinges are not made or perform the same and it's what you don't see on the inside that makes the difference. Imported product is now a reality in NZ but sometimes when there is a problem nobody wants to know. Opus have a solutions by offering a range of hinges using the same trouble fee internal components used in our premium range but incorporates imported forged plates giving a competitively priced product guaranteed for 10 years. Shower door hinges are available to suit all applications: wall to glass, glass to glass 180 degree and glass to glass 90 degree and 135 degree. This range is available in both radius edge and square edged.

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EnduroShield – Your Protective Coating

EnduroShield Treated Untreated Shower

EnduroShield is an exciting new glass protective coating system of which we are the NZ sole distributor. We are very aware there are many products on the market that intially produce similar results however EnduroShield offers a 10 year guarantee when applied to new glass and 3 years on existing glass. The advantage of EnduroShield is that it is both hydrophobic and oleophobic or in other words it repels water and oil based dirt and stains. EnduroShield is very easy and safe to apply and available in a DIY kit. This enables you to sell EnduroShield with confidence to your customers.

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Pool/Balustrade Hardware

Opus Glass Balustrade System

Self closing hinges for glass gates to complement your glass fence or balustrade. Opus premium pool and gate hinges are fully NZ made with a 25 year life time guarantee. The self closing mechanism is obtained by way of a 316 stainless torsion spring that is fully adjustable to enable an increase or decrease in operating settings. The pool gate latch is designed for a frameless glass pool gate in a range of styles to suit a glass to glass installation or post to glass or wall to glass situation. Pool and balustrade spigots (pegs) are manufactured from solid stainless steel bar and have been through an intensive electro-polishing process to provide increased durability for those epxosed exterior and coastal installations. Fully New Zealand made and guaranteed to last.